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Mayor Announces Removal of 50 Red Light Cameras Amid New Reforms

Political pressure has led Mayor Rahm to make some changes to the RLC program, here is a list from NBC Chicago:

50 cameras will be removed (~20% reduction) that will bring the total to 302 cameras at nearly 150 intersections.  These cameras stopped giving tickets on March 6, 2015.

In addition to removing several cameras, Emanuel announced new reforms for the program. These included required public community meetings before a camera is removed, moved or installed; outlining a plan to install pedestrian countdown timers at all cameras without timers; and providing first-time offenders the opportunity to enroll in online safety traffic classes instead of paying the $100 fine. 

The 25 intersections where red light cameras will be removed are listed below. The cameras at these intersections stopped issuing tickets as of 12:01 a.m. Friday, March 6.

  • Ashland and 47th
  • Ashland and 63rd
  • Ashland and Archer
  • Ashland and Diversey
  • Ashland and Garfield
  • California and 31st
  • Central and Madison
  • Cicero and Stevenson Expressway
  • Cornell and 57th
  • Cottage Grove and 95th
  • Damen and Blue Island
  • Elston and Foster
  • Halsted and 63rd
  • Halsted and 83rd
  • Harlem and Northwest Highway
  • Jeffrey and 79th
  • Kimball, McCormick and Lincoln
  • Narragansett, 55th and Archer
  • Osceola and Touhy
  • Pulaski and Montrose
  • Stony Island and 83rd
  • Vincennes and 111th
  • Western Ave and 51st
  • Western, Armitage and Milwaukee
  • Western and Pratt

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