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Its not over yet

A quick update on why this blog has been quiet and my short term plans.  

I started this blog 10 years ago as part of my research into smart cameras in Chicago.  Back then, the city was making totally unrealistic claims about the effectiveness of the blue light camera system.  Since then, the city cannot resist making claims that are not backed by data in area after area.

 In 2010, I did a study showing how red light cameras in the city aren't a signficant safety benefit.  Four year later, the Tribune commissioned a study that confirmed my earlier work.  In 2012, I published an article that drew doubt on the claims more cameras in Chicago will signficantly reduce crime.  Since then, my MiningChi site has highlighted several applications that take advantage of the city's open data.  Although, some of the applications work sporadicaly because the costs of running a shiny web app are prohibitive for me.  

I am currently working on another article that takes advantage of the city's open data.  I will post details once my work is ready.

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