“All of us want officers to be proactive. [But], to be able to do community policing in a proactive way, we have to encourage them so it’s not their job on the line or that judgment call all the time that, if they stop, this could be a career-ender. If that happens, it’s going to have an impact and we’re seeing it. And that’s why every other police chief and mayor and U.S. attorney then applauded what I said because it is effective.”

Emanuel then rattled off the statistics he remembers hearing at the meeting. They mirror the troubling trend in Chicago, where there were 359 murders through Sept. 27 compared with 296 through the same period of 2014 — a 21 percent increase, according to the Police Department.

 . . .

Last week, Emanuel used the word “fetal” to describe the post-Ferguson effect. The closed-door comments, captured by a Washington Post reporter who was in the room, were his strongest to date on his view that Chicago cops have pulled back from aggressive policing.